DCMS is the essential platform for IoT Network Services

DCMS (Device Configuration Management System) is an integrated system that allows Telecom or Network Service Providers and Integrators to easily manage, configure, analyze, and monitor CPE devices that are deployed across a vast geographic region amongst the litany of Telecom Network infrastructures.

It gives you centralized and remote management support when handling CPE devices in a broadband spectrum of network scenarios. It is the all-in-one comprehensive solution that enables operators to manage devices entirely in a single spot as opposed to the conventional method of allocating manpower on-site. It realizes “zero-configuration” for CPE devices and minimizes operational cost. Interoperability plays an integral part when catering to diverse network environments and devices. The module can either be installed on-premises or controlled in cloud services of different scales based on disparate business requirements. DCMS allows for seamless connections between systems, making IoT management dynamically faster and safer.

DCMS places significant emphasis on strengthening its security measures. Access administration is strictly controlled by distinct levels of privileges that is built on top of a responsibility assignment matrix, an advanced feature that benefits users who seek to manage multi-layers of account administrators and devices.

DCMS was fundamentally designed to accommodate the exponential growth and demands of network devices depending on the server hardware specifications. It is a robust, scalable, secure, easy-to-manage, carrier-grade, and cost-effective network management solution offering feature-rich functionalities. DCMS is the ideal device management solution that grants substantial control over the plethora of telecommunication devices, shortening operational flow and helping users achieve greater business efficiency.

Key Features

  • Full compliance with SNMP、OMA/DM、 TR-069 and MQTT standards
  • Comprehensive Role Management
  • Auto-Discover and Auto-Grouping
  • Auto-Provisioning and Auto- Configuration
  • Centralized and Remote Management
  • Status and Performance Monitoring
  • Firmware Image Management
  • FOTA
  • Statistical Report
  • Analysis Report
  • Event Alarm and Notification
  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Global Map
  • Diagnostics and Inspections
  • Reliability and Scalability
  • Optimize Data Storage
  • Security Control
  • Self-Diagnostic
  • Task Scheduling
  • Logging
  • Alarm Notification
  • Plug & Play

Use Case

System Architecture

  • Connects with CPE devices that support network protocols and MQTT
  • Supports diverse management approaches
    - Responsibility assignment matrix
    - Device group management
  • Monitor and Displays real-time devices status


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