FTTH (fiber to the home) is the future trend, but due to the substantial deployment costs, transmission through xDSL / G.fast telephone lines is still the mainstream despite its limits in distance length for high speed transmissions.

Gemtek DPU adopts the FTTdp architecture to accommodate high speed fiber optic connections. This approach can facilitate multiple xDSL / G.fast connections by extending fiber optic wires to the nearby telecommunications box, providing Last Mile high speed transmission through telephone lines to the client.

16-Port 212MHz G.fast DPU

  • 16-Port 212MHz G.fast (RJ-21)
  • Vectoring
  • 2-Port SFP+ Uplink
  • 1-Port GE Management
  • 1-Port Console (RJ-45)
  • 100 ~ 240 AC / 48V DC In