LTE Small Cell System

LTE Small Cell System

Due to the increasing number of mobile devices and IoT applications, the global network data traffic is constantly on the rise at an exponential rate. In order to keep the network world in sync, Gemtek’s LTE Small Cell System helps improve the basic service signal coverage and network capacity to further integrate application services, support enterprises, families and general users, and provide innovative services by combining network intelligence and operations.

The Competitive Advantages and Target Market of Gemtek Small Cell System

In contrast to the relatively large Macro Cell base station infrastructures, the Gemtek Small Cell Base Station Solution offers E2E service that would help small and medium-sized operators avoid the expensive equipment and management costs that derives from EPC and HSS installations, which is integral to the integration and development of the CBRS market.

X-Cell All-In-One Box System

The Gemtek X-Cell All-In-One Box System merges the Small Cell System, expensive EPC/HSS equipment and software into a “mini all-in-one box communications system”.

The LTE Small Cell System is equipped with the Compact EPC software package, supports embedded HSS or external HSS, and performs authentication, therefore forming an independent local area network for specific applications within the LTE connection system, specialized for operators that manage small-area and fixed-point operation applications.

  • Easy installation
  • Easy to manage
  • Cost-effective
  • Secure private network
  • Excellent fixed wireless network signal coverage

Small Cell System and X-Cell All-In-One Box System are your Top Choices

Network operators may choose to employ the Small Cell System or X-Cell All-In-One Box System that best fits their business model, business scale and applications.

Small Cell System X-Cell All-In-One Box System
EPC, HSS Core Network Facilities External EPC, HSS functions Embedded EPC, HSS functions
Features End to End Infrastructure
LTE Small Cell
Compact EPC
Light HSS
All-In-One integration
Easy to install
Targets Suitable for small and medium-sized operators Suitable for businesses and fixed wireless backhaul operators
Regions Enhance signal coverages in urban, suburban, and rural areas Private network applications, such as portable mobile base stations
Applications Provides regional mobile network applications Provides regional mobile network and applications, fixed wireless backhaul
Mobile device (does not support handover)
Supports text, voice communications
Cost Lower than building a large base station. Lower than installing a Small Cell System.
Market CBRS market, private network application market Private network application market