Smart Mesh Wi-Fi System

Smart Mesh Wi-Fi System, Gemtek most recent innovative solution, incorporates the “Pattern Based Portable and Efficient Smart Antenna Steering Algorithm” and “Visualize Smart Antenna Performance” technologies that are exclusively developed by our teams.

Smart Mesh Wi-Fi System is a 360-degree smart wireless antenna product that employs the most efficient software algorithms, noted beam width grouping summation as well as main and null voting algorithm, to facilitate the process of finding the optimal antenna orientation, thus helping wireless products overcome antenna dead zones and improve overall signal quality.

  • Base on Quad core Wi-Fi SoC chip
  • Effectively maximizes overall network coverage and speed
  • The compact size of the system allows the system to be installed in various platforms
  • With 2 ports GE port
  • Wireless signal strength: Uni-directional 200%, Bi-directional 400%
  • Equipped with 12 three-color LED lights that allow users to easily identify the beam directions and status of the antenna
  • Adopts the 2T2R Dual Band Tri Radio 802.11ac Wi-Fi
  • User-friendly APP that permits users to manually adjust the direction of the antenna according to needs
  • Adapts to a broad range of applications, eg. the latest Wi-Fi 6 products, Wireless Sensing

Pattern Based Portable and Efficient Smart Antenna Steering Algorithm

(Emulated antenna patterns for 9 directions)

(Real 2D OTA antenna pattern measurements)

The RSSI collected by the antennas in real environments from various angles. The 2D antenna pattern graph shows the average RSSI samples for each direction. Scale of 30~50 indicates normal RSSI where signal strength is relatively stronger.

(rssi2 indicating the average RSSI for the 90-degree angle)