Smart Vertical Integration

Over the years, having acquired compelling competitive advantages in both hardware and software technological fields, Gemtek Technology Co., Ltd. has been strategically broadening and transitioning its grounds from a complete ODM company of hardware products to become a cross-domain Original System Manufacturer (OSM), as well as an active participant in the innovative Smart Green Industry. Gemtek Technology Co., Ltd. is eagerly working on the integration and customization of vertical application services, hence, software and hardware are the essential core values of the company’s operations. Gemtek Technology Co., Ltd. aims to provide its high integration solution services and applications to various industrial fields by leveraging its innate software abilities to fortify and enhance its hardware capacities, focusing on the development of diversified products that may prompt more sparks on the blazing trail of the IoT market.

Gemtek Technology Co., Ltd. has constructed a complete smart cloud network based on the core structure of its own cloud service and is supported by its wireless network technologies and a wide range of innovative application products. By utilizing its cloud data, implementing bilateral communication and analysis, Gemtek is also working to cultivate its professional grounds in the ever-progressing Artificial Intelligence Cloud Service.

Modularization of Gemtek’s Cloud Services

On the basis of a modular approach, Gemtek’s customers are able to select its required services according to their diversified market demands and specialized product features. Gemtek’s Cloud Service is built on top of a public cloud structure, rendering higher flexibility, enrichment, and adaptability in its customization ability to provide custom-built private cloud services.

Artificial Intelligence Cloud

Gemtek’s powerful cloud processing capabilities can be bound to Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa. Using voice recognition, voice control, and voice synthesis to create a stable, highly efficient, and highly secured Artificial Intelligence Cloud Service Network. Via the “Voice controlled Internet of Things” technology, any IoT device can be linked, and therefore all types of data, storage, transmission, and distribution can be synchronized.

Diversified IoT Devices and Communication Solutions

Over the past 30 years, Gemtek Technologies Co., Ltd. has relied on its mature ODM production skills and stable network communication technologies to vigorously thrive and transition into a cross-domain system service provider we are witnessing today. The service can be based upon different environments, usage scenarios and client development needs to produce diversified IoT devices that are compatible with different WLAN and LPWAN communication solutions to intensify the integration and connectivity of hardware and software technologies.

Integration Platform Case Sharing

Gemtek Smart Town

Grasp your world with a device in hand. The Gemtek Smart Town focuses on infusing the advantages of LoRa’s long-distance transmission technologies into communities to create a community information sharing platform. Through APP softwares, community residents can easily receive all sorts of smart sensing information and community announcements to ultimately achieve real community intelligence.

Gemtek Agriculture interaction platform

By means of deploying Gemtek’s LoRa network alongside various agricultural sensors, the goal of the concept is to upload collected data to Gemtek’s Agricultural Interaction Platform. With the help of APPs and the integrated farmers’ web management platforms, farmers will be able to share personal farming experiences, update and retrieve farming data, and most importantly, pass on their experiences to foster a new generation of "New Tech Farmers".