The New Era of Telecommunication

Wireless Broadband Network

Widely used in a broad spectrum of environments. Capable of being wirelessly deployed in densely populated metropolitan areas or vast open landscapes. Relatively more economical in contrast to setting up a wired network.

LTE Cat 12/13 Single Mode Indoor CPE

Indoor 2Tx/8Rx CPE support Outdoor coverage & efficiency for 3.5GHz

Fixed Line Broadband

New generation of Fixed Line Broadband products. Tailored to meet the diverse demands of customers and highly competitive end products.


ITU-T G.9700 and G.9701 Compliance

Connected Home

ViTA Intelligent Voice Controller can communicate and control all sorts of smart products in an absolute seamless environment backed by the Gemtek Full Coverage Seamless Connection System.

ViTA AI Controller

Voice control smart sensors w/ Giga+ Connectivity

LoRa IoT Network

LoRa LPWAN wireless communications technology features long distance, high coverage, low power consumption, and low cost performances. An energy-efficient green IoT network can be created when substantially combined with high-end sensors and smart devices.

Outdoor Micro Gateway

A cost effective way to provide full redundancy coverage for the entire service area.

Joint Design and Manufacturing

Based on over 17 years of experience in Joint Design and Manufacturing (JDM), Gemtek provides the most advanced E2E product designs, testing, and customized production solutions based on different product technologies and complex system platforms

Device Configuration Management System

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IoT Network Services

DCMS (Device Configuration Management System) Is an integrated management module established upon the Standard Protocol that allows Telecom Service Providers and Service Integrations to easily manage, configure, analyze, and monitor CPE devices that are deployed across a vast geographic region amongst the litany of Telecom Network infrastructures.

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Smart Vertical Integration

Gemtek Cloud Service serves as the core foundation of the Smart Vertical Integration structure, collectively linked with Gemtek’s stable network communication capabilities and diversified application products to form a complete Smart Cloud Network. In addition, by way of utilizing collected information from the cloud data base and implementing bi-directional communication and analysis, Artificial Intelligence Cloud can be continuously strengthened and advanced.

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LTE Small Cell System

Gemtek LTE Small Cell System starts out by improving basic signal coverage and network capacity, in an aim to further integrate application services, support enterprises, families and general users, and provide innovative services by combining network intelligence and operations.

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IoT Wireless Connections

Based on its in depth experience in the network communications technology field, Gemtek provides communication protocols and products for LTE, LoRa LPWAN, RPMA, NB-IoT, etc. Gemtek also aspires to provide users with the best communications technology solutions depending on the application, range, data transmission, power requirements, security and battery life and other factors.

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