Corporate Governance

Gemtek Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to establishing a sound corporate governance system, and firmly believes that this can prompt the best interests of our company's stakeholders. In an effort to safeguard the interests of our investors, Gemtek has prudently managed to create a stable operation basis with a highly efficient board of directors, formed a group of designated personnel to collect and disclose information about the Company, and sought to carry out the spokesman policy in accordance with regulations. The Board will also occasionally evaluate the overall condition of the company’s remuneration system that is currently in practice.

Corporate Governance Organizational Structure

Board of Directors

Job Title Name Academic and Career Experience Current position in Gemtek and other companies
Director Hsu Jung Hui
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Tatung University
Research Engineer, National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology
Senior Vice General Manager of Gemtek Technology Co., Ltd.
Chairman of BandRich Inc.
Director Chang, Yueh Chi
Bachelor of Business Administration and Operations, National University of Kaohsiung
General Manager of Brilliant Footwear Corporation Ltd.
Director Bon Mao Investment Ltd
Representative:Liu, I Hsing
Bachelor of Science in Finance, National Taiwan University
Director of Tai-Saw Technology Co. Ltd.
Director of Ting Mao Electrics Co., Ltd.
Special Assistant to Chairman of ITEQ Corporation
Director Ever Profit Investment Limited
Representative:Luo, De Fu
National Taiwan University of Arts
Director of Ampak Technology Inc.
Manager of Kuang Chi Cultural Group Foundation
Director of Ever Profit Investment Limited
Independent director Zhao,Yao Geng
PhD of Electrical Engineering, University of Maryland, College Park
Independent director of Harbinger Venture Capital
Director of Asan Lite Co., Ltd.
Vice Chairman of China Radio Association of R.O.C.
Supervisor TSKY Co., Ltd.
Representative:Wu,Cheng Tung
Bachelor of Business Administration, Tunghai University
Chairman of TSKY Co., Ltd
Supervisor Shen,Hsiu Cheng
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University
Director of Universal Microelectronics Co., Ltd.
Supervisor Liao,I Hsin
Bachelor, Tainan University of Technology
MFA, Academy of Art University
Co-founder of Mo+CA Projects
Art Professional of Sheng Da Co., Ltd.
Supervisor of Sheng Jung Co., Ltd.

Compensation Committee

Name Title
Zhao, Yao Geng Chairperson
Li, Zhan Nan Member
Wang, Zhu San Member

Company Rules (Download)