Life At Gemtek

Employees are Gemtek's most valuable asset, and the cornerstone of success. Gemtek proactively takes efforts in acknowledging and embracing each and every one of our colleagues, making the company resemble one big family. In order to enhance and prolong this well-balanced workplace atmosphere, Gemtek is fully committed to providing a supreme-quality environment, helping our employees achieve higher expectations and standards in life.

Environment and Atmoshpere

Employee Cafeteria

All savory meals are catered by our on-campus chefs from the company’s main kitchen. Food safety is constantly kept in check while striving to provide a healthy and rich variety of dining options to satisfy the day to day preferences of our employees.

Indoor Café

An alternative place to work and relax while relishing the pleasant aroma of coffee.

Employee Dormitory

Provides safe accommodation for employees living away from their remote hometowns and countries. Partial subsidies for electric bills is provided so that employees may keep a comfortable living space at a lower cost.

Employee Parking

Gemtek owns a private car park building with multiple parking spaces for cars and motorcycles. The car park is situated next to the main office building, making it convenient for employees to get on and off work every day.

Salary and Welfare

Mind and Spirit

Recreational Sports Facilities:
Hsinchu headquarters is equipped with various sports facilities, i.e. basketball court, badminton court, gymnasium, professional table tennis tables, etc. Colleagues may use the facilities during their leisure hours to spruce up their holistic well-being.

Recreational Activity Clubs:
Gemtek sponsors clubs that are diversified and inclusive for employees to take part in during their time off work, infusing more versatility to their day to day life, e.g.baking club, basketball club, and photography club etc. Through these activities, employees may gain the opportunity to build stronger interpersonal skills.

Learn and Grow

New staff members will be assigned a personal mentor to help them quickly adapt to the new working environment. Mentors will be responsible for providing practical help, mental support, and encouragement while overlooking the new employees’ learning progress. Bilaterally, mentors may be able to acquire new knowledge and new ideas through this unique opportunity as well.