Skills & Training

In this digital era where new business models and unlimited opportunities are constantly propelled by “change”, the only way to embrace the widespread dynamic development of the digital age is to continuously encourage learning and growth across the organization. Gemtek profoundly believes that fostering talents for the sake of the organization’s progression and development is a critical element and driving force from an overall perspective.

Based on an inner company survey and various levels of demands for training, e.g. the company’s yearly strategical objectives, specific job descriptions, and job grades etc., the company aims to roll out holistic training programs alongside with multi-learning channels and resources. Through training, Gemtek wishes to help its employees live up to the motto “Find joy in learning, sharing, and work” during their daily work routines, break boundaries, seek growth and build connection so that the definition of work is limitless.

Training Curriculums

New Employee Orientation

In order to enable new employees to quickly adapt to Gemtek’s organizational culture, new employees will be led through relevant training courses, and will be assigned a personal mentor to provide guidance and necessary assistance.

Leadership Skills Training

Relevant training programs are provided according to the manager’s job grade and professional background. Gemtek hopes that leaders may be the one to influence and augment team coherence, inspire enthusiasm, build high-performance teamwork, and direct the team towards organizational goals.

Professional Know-How Training

Job training will be based on the needs of different job functions. Training courses will be given by internal instructors or supervisors to impart practical knowledge. Vendors or job training specialists will also be invited to visit and share experiences. Employees are encouraged to participate in professional training courses outside the Company to enhance and elevate their professional abilities and skills.

Compliance Audit Training

Based on system and regulatory requirements defined by quality and the Environmental Protection, Occupational Safety and Health demands, Gemtek will hold occasional training courses in regards to quality enhancement, environmental safety and health, fire prevention etc. The main purpose is to ensure that employees fully acknowledge and comply with the latest policies and requirements.

Self-Development Training

In addition to professional job functions, we encourage colleagues to participate in self-development training programs, and constantly learn to increase personal values. Throughout the year, Gemtek would hold various self- development training courses for communication skills, presentation skills, and time management.

Health Promotion Lecture

Besides work-related professional training courses, each year the Company would hold lectures that focus on health promotion or spiritual inspiration from time to time to help strengthen the well-being and quality of life of our colleagues.

Language Proficiency Training

Provides language study courses that may involve various theme topics and work-related scenarios to help employees strengthen their English conversational abilities.