About Gemtek

Gemtek - The Leading Company in Wireless Communication Technologies

Established in 1988, Gemtek Technology Co., Ltd. (TWSE Stock Code 4906) is one of Taiwan’s leading companies in the Wireless Communications Technologies Industry, and remains steadfast in its chief position, constantly striving to perpetuate its legacy in this field. Over the years, Gemtek has transformed itself into a top-notch Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) for total solution providers. Gemtek employs an outstanding team of experienced research and development professionals, and is one of the few manufacturers in Taiwan that offer key technologies for Wireless Area Network and Broadband Network products.

Gemtek Technology Co., Ltd. has unwaveringly endeavored in instilling its cutting-edge technologies, advanced integration abilities and strong market acumen into the making of its wireless network communications products. Gemtek’s ever-increasing production scope is created on the basis of various correlated wireless communications products, which includes wireless network cards, wireless network base stations/routers, IP STB and Metropolitan LTE communication systems etc. In recent years, Gemtek has been rapidly expanding its grounds in the development of Cloud and Internet of Things mainstream applications as well, and has boldly embraced a new range of product domains, as in data, audio, video and image transmission products and so forth. With its longstanding reputation in exhibiting superior integration capabilities and keen market insight, Gemtek aims to spread farther beyond its boundaries in the wireless communications market. The advanced technologies and solutions supplied by Gemtek has been confirmed by numerous clients world-wide and is therefore eagerly sought by world elite counterparts in terms of business collaboration. Gemtek’s business profit significantly outperforms its fellow competitors, inevitably reinforcing the Company’s dominant position in the wireless communications technologies industry.

Gemtek’s headquarters is established in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Since then, Gemtek has further expanded its global production and marketing offices in the Greater China (Kunshan, Changshu), Vietnam, the U.S., Japan, and many European countries. As of today, Gemtek is responsible for the well-being of more than 4,500 employees worldwide. In the future, Gemtek wishes to globalize and expand its international market by means of applying the concept “To cultivate deeply in Taiwan, while maintaining a global vision “, determined to become the world’s number one wireless communications system manufacturing company.

Think Globally, Act Locally
Wireless Network Technology

Our Prospects

To become the world's leading Original Design Manufacturer for Complete Solution Providers in the Wireless Broadband Communications Industry.

Our Vision

Create a wireless life with unlimited new ideas. Empower every individual the equal amount of freedom to access information, and to realize the prospects of 4A.

Core Competency

Grasp the key mainstream technologies and trends of the future

Customer service-oriented

Rapid R & D design capabilities

Quality Management

Gemtek's quality assurance process has been certified ISO-14001/ISO-9001/ISO13485/QC080000, together with OHSAS 18001 to form one effective integrated management system. Our primary responsibility is to continually offer high quality and functionality as well as customer oriented solutions. If your company is looking for a Wireless Broadband total solutions provider, look no further - You've found the right partner.

Quality & Hazardous-Substance-Free Policy

Coordination and cooperation for continuous improvement of quality; research and design to meet regulation and customer's needs.

Hazardous-substance-free policy Customer orientation, pay attention to law, continuous improvement and sustainable business, keep developing green products with low-pollution and low-cost

Green Product

Gemtek Group is committed to complying with international regulations.
Our products meet RoHS, REACH, Packaging Directive, Battery Directive and halogen-free (HF) standard, and we obtained IECQ QC080000 certificate in March 2007 so that the Group is more systematic and efficient in the overall management on Hazardous substance. We also introduce a systematic approval process to ensure that the procured materials comply with the relevant laws and regulations; also, we continuously monitor the manufactured products to comply with laws and regulations, and regularly collect the changes of laws and regulations to ensure that the relevant requirements can be timely introduced to the company and be followed. Gemtek Group will keep managing our green products to meet our commitment to customers.